Madeline The Person – As A Child


Madeline The Person is the luminance that Gen Z needs. The 19 year old singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is one of the most fascinatingly enchanting artists around right now with her proudly marching to the beat of her own drum to craft a unique sonic world filled with vibrant colour where people can openly express their emotions and deepest fears. She has potential to alter people’s lives and the way we perceive things through her raw authentic vocal that makes her sincere lyrics about tender admissions of her inner turmoil over an intimate backdrop of ambient melodies all the more personal and meaningful. She represents the outsider who the world can connect with.

Her debut single sparks a catalyst for her to create a safe space for young people to deal with their emotions and find solace within her words. As A Child focuses on losing someone when you’re young, which in Madeline’s case was her father to substance abuse and his memory is honoured beautifully in some of the most heart-achingly beautiful yet painfully raw confessional lyrics I’ve heard, “And it hurts all the more when you carry the world as a child / All I’ve wanted is to talk someone who is dead.” It’s a cathartic piece where she helps you deal with the pain of losing someone, her pain cascades out of her music like a broken dam as she tries to find a home within herself after the loss. One of the most spellbinding debuts of the year.

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