Hoosh – You Know Me

We all go through moments in our lives where we hurt the people around us, we’re in such a rough place where the darkness has taken over our mind that we lash out at those who care deeply about us. They remain understanding but we remain blind. It’s only in hindsight we can see the error of our ways and this is how the Sudanese singer/songwriter Hoosh’s latest track You Know Me came to be as he remorsefully looks back at his behaviour towards his loved ones but disguises it as a melancholy love song.

The lyrical storytelling allows you to see the whole situation through his eyes, it’s authentic and he doesn’t shy away from the harsher moments, in-fact he actually embraces them and realises his mistakes confessing that he will improve himself, “And you’re right / I’ma do better / You already expect it / And you keep it real / When things are surreal.” The intimate acoustic sound illustrates Hoosh’s emotions perfectly through an honest lens that makes it feel all the more raw and real. It’s a vulnerable piece that sets the tone for what’s to come.

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