Camp Blood – Cenobite

Back in 2020 we heard Camp Blood’s track Aerosol for the first time and it immediately made us fans. Their sound was explosive, abrasive, in your face and filled with raw electronics that were reminiscent of hardcore metal in many ways, very similar to what Paris Texas, a duo who truly exploded onto the scene, are doing now with their music. The Boston natives have continuously challenged modern culture with their blisteringly hot sound that death grips you and pulls you along for an action packed thrilled ride that pumps adrenaline through your body to make their music a mind boggling experience.

Cenobite is a brutal introduction to their sound with bombastic looping beats propelling the track forward through grungy atmospherics and an evocative flow that makes the lyrics cut through you like a freshly sharpened knife. It’s this raw sound that gravitates listeners towards them as their animosity filled bars clashes with the explosive production to make something completely fresh and ridiculously exciting. Every time you think they’ve released their best track they just keep topping it.

Must Read