Asukal – Midnight


Its been almost two years since the electro hyper pop genre bending artist and multi-talented producer / songwriter Asukal (Raquel Undheim) last released music, but with one listen to the stunning track Midnight you’ll fully see why this wait has been worth its weight in musical gold. Her music has always focused on personal reflections of her own life and, thematically, this track is the same with it focusing in on the anxiety that comes with doing the most whilst still feeling like you’re not doing enough, a feeling many will know all too well with the current state of the world.

The fresh innovative pop songstress shows off her vocal chops throughout the piece as we hear lush vocal runs that dance over the sparse ambient production of solemn synths that sends shivers down my spine. Her vivid lyrical imagery consistently impressed me with previous releases but she’s taken them to a whole level here before the aesthetically mesmerising music video of dirt-bike tricks and pitch black night shots tie it all together in a neat little bow. This is a comeback that we can’t get enough of.

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