ernest rareberrg – Secondary Handstand


New York City based artist ernest rareberrg is a truly phenomenal lyricist. He’s already shown it off in previous singles like tearing me apart and show me your body with them both having a raw poetic style that makes each piece feel like it deserves a Pulitzer Prize. Whilst previous tracks have remained firm favourites it’s his latest single that ventures away from his usual sonic identity that has capture my imagination and sent me swirling down a nostalgia filled hole where the melodies wrapped around me and made me never want to leave.

Secondary Handstand is a moody piece with a celestial falsetto from rareberrg leading the piece as his clever lyricisms, “Render me as useless / Apples for the toothless child,” being littered throughout as the uniquely toned soundscape creates an intimate atmosphere unlike anyone else out there. The music video further adds to the intimate nature but with more of an eery undertone as rareberrg keeps eye contact with you throughout the gorgeous aesthetics, making this a song that’s simply unskippable. One to watch in 2021 for sure.

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