Unusual Demont – Amber

I’ve always said that the debut single is the most important track an artist can release as it’s what introduces their sound to the world, it’s not just a song it’s a mission statement of what they want to achieve and the Wisconsin based musician Unusual Demont has a produced a stellar example today. All it required was one listen to his debut Amber to have me hooked on his sound that fits in the sonic universes of current music icons like The Weeknd, Frank Ocean and even Rex Orange County.

The single is off his upcoming EP Hues which serves as a memoir for a failed relationship with this candid track showing us the sonic landscape he plans to craft throughout the project. The reverb surrounding the smooth and lusciously toned vocals with an atmospheric production surrounding it with spaced out synths and an organic looping percussion all come together to create something utterly divine. When listening to this track you don’t just get a killer song, you get an experience that you’ll repeatedly come back to just to relive the story he’s crafted over and over again.

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