Amaria – Roses


Amaria’s voice has always been the definition of velvety smooth, hell I’m fairly certain there’s a picture of her next to that phrase in the dictionary. Her luscious timbre has the natural ability to capture the vulnerability of every lyric she utters making her music filled with overflowing emotion that comes cascading down upon you like you’re standing in the middle of a torrential down pour. She already showed that to us all in the intimately tender Moon before adding even more sultry smoothness with her collaboration with Joe Saan titled REWIND and her first entry into 2021 is even better than we could’ve ever dreamt.

Roses captures the moment where the honeymoon phase of a relationship is over, you’ve gone from holding each other close whilst watching the sunset in the distance to where you’re lucky if you get one kind word said about you. They don’t treat you the same and whilst you want what’s best for your relationship, you know they’re not feeling the same way. The tenderly penned lyrics bring a new breath of heightened emotion to her already compelling vocal as the minimalistic production add another layer of intimacy that makes it feel like you’re listening to a close friend lay their heart bare for you to see. Dreamy R&B at its finest.

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