Buppy. – Open My Letter

Buppy. might only be 17 years of age but he composes poetically captivating music that makes an Adele track seem like a pop anthem. Through his self-reflective lyrics he empowers his generation to overcome the difficulties they’ve experienced within their life, be it abuse from people at their school, emotional trauma that they still struggle with or the toxic relationships they’re apart of. He gives you a one way ticket into his sonic universe that will soundtrack late night crying sessions but also offer you a cathartic experience in the aftermath that is the healing process.

His raw storytelling becomes more apparent within Open My Letter, a true tearjerker that goes through the pain of not being with someone, seeing them with someone else and wanting nothing more than to hold them in your arms once more. The delicate verses capture the heartbreak perfectly before the cacophony inducing chorus of explosive coruscating synths that unleash the frustration he feels in a vibrant euphonic eruption of astronomical quality. He might only be 17 but he makes music like a veteran of the craft.

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