44Blonde – She Loves Drugs (I Like Her)

The pop punk genre has been getting a facelift over the past few years with countless musicians adding their own signature stamp to the genre. Be it the likes of Garzi who infuses it with hip hop beats, YUNGBLUD who gives it an alternative pop edge or artists like 44Blonde who merges the contemporary hooks of pop with explosive electronic beats to make it feel like the nostalgia of Blink 182 meeting a modern EDM anthem. Sounds crazy but the way 44Blonde has surgically attached all these genres together, it’s hard to think the genre hasn’t always been this.

She Loves Drugs (I Love Her) is a bombastic number that wastes no time in introducing us to fierce vocals and brash guitar melodies that make this whole number a ready made stadium anthem that the world needs to hear. The chorus features an ear worm of a hook that you can envision a crowd of people belting out at the top of their lungs as they reminisce over how this song soundtracked their youth with the rebellious and fun-loving memories it brings back. Include a volcanic guitar solo and you’ve got a killer debut.

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