Marllie – Timeline


On Valentines day a plethora of songs were released, many focusing on the joys of being in love, others focusing on the heartbreak they endure on the day or, if you’re like the LA based musician Marllie, you’ll show how something as small as putting your partner on your timeline can be a big act of love. Timeline is simple with it’s meaning but it shows how social media has effected the way love works in this new era, as well as giving us a track that’s sensual baby making music that puts up a fight with The Weeknd’s sound.

You’ll have the track stuck in your head for weeks to come with the addictive hook it offers wriggling its way into your brain as the luscious melodies gently caress your ears and his smooth flow has you feeling weak at the knees. An atmospheric production of spaced out synths continues to build upon this sensuality making anyone feel hot and steamy under the collar, if this came out back in 2015 it would’ve been on the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack, no doubt about it.

Speaking about the track Marllie says, “This song is basically me telling a girl that I’ll put her on my timeline just so she’ll know that whatever feelings I have for her are real. You know we are in the social media era where there are some girls that need that validation, to post them up on social media just so she’ll know that she’s the main one. That’s where the inspiration of writing this song came about.”

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