KYTE YARD – Horizon ft. Charlie Oriain

Combine the lusciously textured production stylings of the transatlantic artist-producer trio KYTE YARD with the gorgeous vocal that has the ability to draw you into any lyrical narrative of Isle of White based musician Charlie Oriain and you’ve got the makings of a track that shines brighter than the rising sun. Creating narratives filled with all encompassing emotion on the human condition that looks towards a brighter future as well as a dimly lit past the two talented artists have created a truly mesmerising debut for both parties.

Horizon is a future summer anthem in the making, right now I can just envision myself on a beach with this blaring out in the background the suns rays dance across my pasty white skin. The divinely textured production has an iridescent magical quality to it that brings memories of summers past rushing back through your mind like a cinematic reel as the richly toned vocals serve as your humble narrator. We might be in the dead of winter but these artists have made it feel as balmy as the tropics.

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