Marlo The Barbarian – Fake Yourself


More and more artists are attempting to put their own unique stamp on the pop sound as of late with many venturing into new territories that the genre had previously left unexplored. The Colorado born but now L.A based musician Marlo The Barbarian is one of these artists who’s left-of-centre pop sound sees her sharp lyrical wit take the spotlight as her boldly all encompassing soundscape gently fits into what you’d expect a collaboration between King Princess and Daughter to sound like. She’s already proven herself with the genre through her previous releases this year but she certainly ends on an almighty high with today’s release.

Fake Yourself is a bold number that pushes her sound to the next level as she chronicles everyday gaslighting experienced in some relationships as her expressive vocals lament about the situation she’s in as her mental health begins to suffer from his words. The ominous production has a subtle buoyancy to it that compliments the message of the track, taking what people might see as ‘banter’ but there’s a haunting reality to them that sends shivers down your spine. A powerful end to a stellar year for this rising musician.

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