Keni Can Fly – idk sh*t but colours


In one buoyantly optimistic and carefree track the California based 21 year old musician Keni Can Fly delivers a rapturous affair filled with vibrant melodies that clear up any cloudy day and a magnetising appeal that is distinctly his own. If you’re into Mac Miller, Brockhampton or Dominic Fike then his alternative pop infused hip hop soundscape is something you’re going to want to dive head first into. The world is sleeping on his music with him consistently defying expectations to produce banger after banger to the point where his entire back catalogue is something a regular chart topper would take inspiration from.

His most recent track idk sh*t but colours is a vibe filled track that captures the infectious joy his music can bring as well as his lyrical wit, dynamic flow, lush beats and stunning visuals to tie it all together in a neat bow. He’s a refreshing musician who consistently demonstrates how willing he is to push his sound to new heights with him injecting his own personality through his delivery that is filled with charisma that shines like a star in the nights sky. Addictive, intoxicating and damn near irresistible, Keni Can Fly has it all.

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