Lucia and The Best Boys really ended 2019 on a high by performing at the legendary King Tuts Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow, as part of Jack Saunders Hop Scotch night. Now they kick off their 2020 with the release of their anthem City of Angels which is simply for the people who don’t feel like they belong in the world.

“City of Angels is for anyone who has ever felt unaccepted in society, and trapped in a mindset of anxiety.” Explains frontwoman Lucia Fairfull. “People are constantly judging themselves, others, and comparing the two, which is now intensified by social media. The point is that we do not live in a world full of perfect people (A city of Angels), everyone is entitled to originality, flaws, and no one should feel the need to suppress their personality for the sake of someone else, who probably has also felt the same way.”  

Honestly this single combines some of the best dramatic elements of the modern music scene and fuses it with some of the classic hooks of 80’s music with a slightly more aggressive feel which results in a song that is perfect for late night drives or being background music in your very own 80’s montage. Combine that with quite personal lyrics that, if you’ve ever felt alone in the world, are incredibly relatable and you’ve got a modern day anthem.

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