Devyn Moon – Remedy


At the midpoint of I Hate U, I Love U and Stay (the Zedd version, sadly) is a song half as long and twice as good. Where the former was a classic case of Brooding Balladeering and the latter one of rote gimmick-EDM, Devyn Moon blends both into simple, airy piano chords and glittering synths. Heartbreak, to Moon, is also a pastiche, equal parts alleyway-smoking angst (cigarettes abound), repeat-it-until-it’s-true denial (“My feelings for you are already dead”), and begrudging appreciation (“Can we just take in this moment / And cherish what the fuck we had?”). There’s a certain warmth behind it all, the way clichés like “Pick up all my missing pieces / Would that give me peace of mind?” become fragments of hope that open up into another sonic world. What makes Remedy….well, a remedy, though, isn’t just the light rush of buzzing synths, a little pocket of wordless respite to get lost in, but Moon themself, seeing every day as a new chance to heal, each word a pillow for her soft and pure voice to lay on: “So wake me up when it’s over / I promise that I’ll be better.”

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