Unusual Demont – Pine

Last year Unusual Demont announced his sound to the world in pure style with his dreamy debut Amber that serves as his own memoir on a previously failed relationship, a message that seemingly hit a nerve with millions of people as this lucid single quickly became a must listen for anyone. The 20 year old Wisconsin native swiftly became a force to be reckoned with as he soon became the name on everyones lips within a matter of days and as the weeks went on it soon became apparent he was something special as he grew a loyal that fell head over heels for his intimate brand of storytelling.

His avant-garde production style with lucid melodies and enticing rhythmic beats proudly saw him give nods back to icons of the past such as Curtis Mayfield, whom his grandfather used drum and help produce with, whilst venturing off into the future in excitingly innovative ways. A prime example of this is within his latest offering Pine that feels like a breath of fresh air amongst the R&B soundscape.

“With pine I wanted to show a dichotomy between the lyrics and energy of the song again,” Unusual Demont begins to explain. “Although the song itself is really bouncy and upbeat, it’s actually about the moral dilemma of a homewrecker coming into a dying relationship. As I wrote it I imagined a roller rink in the late 90s / early 2000s lit up with green lights on a Friday night. I chose the name Pine because green is the color of envy and that’s the exact hue I visualised at the roller rink.”

The funk driven bassline instantly gets you into the dancing mood and helps you envision that roller rink that Demont mentioned previously as the buoyant production gets your head bopping and body moving in no time at all before the textured soundscape sends your ears into euphonic bliss. The darkly toned story then steps out from behind the masquerade of the upbeat production as the lusciously tone vocals of Demont evoke a raw passion that sends this piece from the ground straight up into the stratosphere. His first release was sensational, his follow up is out of this world.

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