Flyckt – Love Is Overrated


Songwriter Flyckt shares a brutal and honest assessment of love in his aptly titled new single Love Is Overrated, an upbeat piece of scandi-pop with plenty of nuance. Accompanied by a beautifully shot visual, it’s a track that builds from an emotive breakdown to a 4×4 kick-snare pattern, with a hypnotic top-line. 

Growing up in Sweden, songwriter Flyckt was surrounded by family members with creative flair. His father was a world renowned mixing engineer who involved him in his studio activities from a young age, where he fanned the flames of his creativity. After experimenting with his sound in various bands, he’s now fully immersed in his solo experience. Speaking on the new single, Flyckt states:

“We recorded this video running through the streets of Stockholm by night in the rare company of three mannequins. With the video for ‘Love Is Overrated’ we wanted to capture the escapism in the lyrics of the song. Running away from the distraction of overrated love. The constant movement is like a symbol for the runaway feeling. If you never stop and reflect the pain won´t hit you.”

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