conner – bite the bullet

If you’re looking for something to soundtrack your teen angst and rebellion then look no further than Hagerstown native conner who fuses the anthemic nature of classic rock with the free spirit and reckless abandonment of punk and the lyrical prowess that’s become synonymous with rap. His cross-genre exploration has allowed for him to unleash his inner angst through evocative storytelling in ways other artists within the individual genres haven’t been able to before. He’s rock, he’s rap, he’s punk, he’s essentially a chameleon of music being able to shift his voice to fit whatever story he needs to tell.

His latest single bite the bullet gives a subtle nod to the past with the chorus being ready-made for a 90’s coming of age movie before propelling itself forward into the 21st century with cleverly worded raps that come at you in a frenzy of explosive anarchy. It’s an anthem that tells us to live life to the fullest, take risks and do things that one day you’ll live to regret but wouldn’t take back because the memories those moments created are worth their weight in gold. Gen-Z’s future anthem.

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