Laveda – Troy Creeps

There’s this whole trend about people trying to become the main character of their own story, rather than be a side character in someone else’s. Laveda’s music is what we need to soundtrack the movie moments of our lives that will never hit the silver screen. A coming of age soundtrack that Hans Zimmer would be proud of, mixed with a narrative that John Hughes would be jealous of, oh and let’s not forget the supreme vocals that give me flashbacks to beabadoobee’s debut record.

However, there is something different to Troy Creeps compared to the influx of coming of age influenced tracks that’ve been entering the music sphere as of late. The majority of these songs are themed around friendship, going on wild adventures, the fear of growing up, essentially all the scenes people envision their coming of age movie life being. Troy Creeps focuses on a long night spent alone with your thoughts. No one around you, just yourself letting your mind wander whether you wish.

The fuzzy guitar riffs are filled with unfiltered angst as we begin to explore the idea of isolation from others in your adolescent years. The yearning quality of Laveda’s vocalist is hypnotic, cascading emotion over you like a tsunami with the delivery of the heartfelt lyrics. Then comes the music video, a simple yet sweet affair that is the cherry on top of Laveda’s sensational single.

“When I made this demo I had just moved to a small apartment in Troy, NY. You could always hear everyone’s conversations if they were outside on that street. People were screaming at each other about something while I was recording so the name stuck.”

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