Rightfield – Sebastian

Music has always been designed to make us feel something, whether it be sadness, anger or confident every song has the ability to make a connection with us but the primary reason we listen to music is for joy. We listen to get that extra injection of serotonin in the morning, on our bus ride to work to make the start of the day a little bit better and during moments of sadness we listen to music to bring us back up into the light again and out of the shadows, its reasons like this that Rightfield’s latest single Sebastian has been on repeat for me since its release.

It opens with a tenderly penned guitar melody that gently drifts you into a place of pure bliss as the melodic vocals float send all your worries packing, making the world outside this song disappear for a few brief but utterly enchanting moments. This is one of those songs that’s made to just smile along with, even in these times where everyone is wearing a mask you can just play this song and tell everyone around is smiling from ear to ear as the laidback melodies and feel good vibes take over. It’s a jubilant affair that I’ll be playing on repeat for weeks to come.

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