Porkboii – Affection is Nice

I’ve always been a believer in the fact that the little moments in life are what can stick with us the most. Having a drink outside, sitting on the tube on your way to work, making a cup of tea in the morning, the unremarkable within our lives ends up becoming remarkable when seen with new eyes. Whilst Porkboii claims their tale of waking up next to a person on the first day of 2020 who they grew romantic feelings for before driving them home, smoking a cigarette and picking up coffee on the way is unremarkable, yet it creates a mesmerising insight into their world that has made me utterly mesmerised.

Affection is Nice remains simple lyrically as they depict the morning of this tale during the opening verse before diving into their emotion psyche as they confess to wanting the person to hold them close and never let them go, despite them knowing it would end worse for themselves than the other person. They welcome you with open arms to their life where we become a fly on the wall, we see the story unfold from start to finish experiencing the highs and lows of this emotional turmoil they go through that never feels fake or manufactured, it’s passionately raw and tenderly emotive. Porkboii, an artist who’s music comes straight from the porkheart.

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