Matt Black – Bad News

If you’re a fan of sensual R&B that has the ability to make you feel hot under the collar then Matt Black is going to be your new addiction. The artist debuted back in 2016 Beretta, a smooth number that combined ominous beats with a subtle tenderness that got people flocking to hear his music, since then he’s released one single a year meaning that his musical journey is even more fascinating to watch. Between every track he unveils you can see the difference in his craft, the subtle changes that have seen his music develop into something utterly enthralling that his me blasting his latest track Bad News on repeat.

The Australian’s suave vocal is the focal point of the piece with the luscious tones dancing across the sultry downbeat production in a glorious fashion to create a wonderful contrast that sees the evocative atmosphere take over you in an instant. The best way to describe this is that it’s baby making music, everything about it is filled with a raw sensuality that makes this feel like it belongs in a 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack or be a collaboration with The Weeknd. Matt Black has comeback with an absolute bang today.

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