Jillian Rossi – So What


There’s exploding on the scene and then there’s what Jillian Rossi has managed to do within the past month. Going from an artist no built in fanbase to one who’s getting thousands of streams a day, a small but loyal following and a music video that currently has over 150,000 views doesn’t happen to just anyone, it happens to those who have that special spark and she certainly has that. Growing up she idolised the pop icons of the 2000’s and now looks to inject fresh life into the modern pop scene with her powerhouse vocals and inspirational message that’s seen her rise up the ranks and become one of the hottest prospects around right now.

Her emotionally tantalising single So What is about body positivity with the artist wanting to start a chain of encouraging messages to fight against the wave of hate the internet often brings to anyone who looks a certain way or is just slightly different to what they envision to be perfect. Her lyrics offer a relatable insight into her own experience with being comfortable in her own skin as she elegantly expresses her inner torment through her soul-stirring storytelling and maudlin vocals.

Then you have the cherry on top that is the music video. A gorgeously shot video that aesthetically gives off a larger than life vibe as the dancers take us on a journey before see a wide range of influencers come together to support the message of the track. Jillian Rossi, sooner or later we’re all probably going to know her name.

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