Spritely – Baby, It’s Fine

We always have an aim of where we want to get to, whether it be the next stage in our career, to find your soulmate, wanting to finally buy your own house, no matter what it is as humans we always have a constant need to want more. Whilst this condition we all have allows us to strive more it often leaves us missing out the simple things we’re experiencing now that bring us joy, we become so focused on where we’re going we forget to live through the journey that gets us there and that’s what Spritely latest single encourages all to do.

Baby, It’s Fine focuses on the mundane things that make a romance so special, the coffee in the morning, rainy days where you’re able to spend the day together, sleeping in till noon, the list goes on and on! Her celestial vocal sings the lullaby sequence tune to send you into a state of pure bliss as you nostalgically reminisce about the simple things that bring you joy which correlates effortlessly with the minimalistic production that brings the message of the piece to life. It’s a simple piece but it leaves an everlasting impact on you.

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