Downtown Kayoto – ROX

The 19-year-old Zimbabwe born & Hull raised multi-talented musicians Downtown Kayoto hasn’t just made waves in the UK’s music scene, he’s made tsunamis with his alternative hip hop with an R&B flair carrying on the legacy of Frank Ocean and made him one of the hottest talents to emerge from Northern England in many years. His unrivalled lyrics wit and natural ability to weave a lyrical narrative mixed with the buoyant production and potent hooks makes him the personification of what makes the UK’s thriving music scene so exciting right now.

ROX is his latest track that is two minutes of of razor sharp candid hip hop that sees the artist continue to raise his game. Wearing his heart firmly on his sleeve Downtown Kayoto confesses his own anxieties and channels them into one person called Roxanne, he doesn’t hide anything that usually remains in his head, in this case he’s an open book letting us all read him from cover to cover as if he was the next book in the Game of Thrones series. By revealing his inner battles we see a new side to this rising artist that he would’ve usually kept hidden and, as a result, I find myself relating more to him that any other musician around right now.

Speaking about the track Downtown Kayoto said, “Rox is my 4th and final single of the year, this track sits in the alternative Hip-Hop/R&B lane, a song about the personification of my anxieties and worries through a person titled “Roxanne” hence the tittle “ROX” I made this track inspired to talk about all the things in my life that I could just deep way too seriously and stress over and to combat this I thought it would be cool to talk about them , and just be honest …. I could drown in the waves but at this point I want to fight it and survive.”

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