Dead Emerson – Siddhartha

Songwriter, performer and producer Dead Emerson already impressed us earlier this year with his punchy alternative rock track Sucker Punch thats raw unfiltered production allowed his insightful lyricisms to feel all the more evocative with his passionate vocal performance. The L.A native came out with a mission of intent with that track, showing us what his D.I.Y sound with the idiosyncratic combination of west coast looseness and east coast wit could do and he’s not planning on stopping showing off his songwriting prowess with his latest release Siddhartha being an indie summer anthem in the making.

Drenched in early 2000’s college radio nostalgia with sun-kissed guitar melodies akin to Vampire Weekend swirling into one with the scintillating synth lines that takes you on a journey of self discovery with the artist and he sings the cleverly witty lyricisms. The track just screams late 90’s coming of age movie with the whimsical melodies and adolescent sound making you feel completely free in a world where we’re all locked inside. This is his final offering of 2020 and what a note to end the year on for him, a coruscating single that brings unbridled joy to all those who listen.

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