Knox Fortune – Gemini

You’ve been to Disco Diaphanous and Disco Dazzle; now, get ready for Disco Deconstructed. More similar to Roisin Murphy if she took a dive in house than the parties Jessie Ware or Dua Lipa ran, Knox Fortune’s latest single has the hallmarks and addendums of disco —a four-on-the-floor beat, violin flourishes, funk guitar licks (though seemingly distorted/warbled an octave down) — without the conventional structure of pop. The chorus — two sides of the same romantic coin: rigid resistance (“I won’t let you break my heart”) and slurred-word surrender (“Come on, girl, you make me high”) — feels more like the build-up to a split-second, whip-crackle release rather than the main event itself. That doesn’t make Gemini any less nightclub-ready though; with its Haircut 100-percussive aside and strut-worthy rhythmic foundation, this is low-key disco for your longest hallway or comfiest couch. “Come on, make me crave it,” he dares again at the end, but it’s too late: We’re already on the dancefloor right next to him.

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