Drug – Angel

Ever since The Weeknd exploded onto the scene all those years ago there’s been an ongoing trend of R&B artists delivering class A baby making music that makes you feel all hot under the collar with the sensuality their luscious soundscape often offers. It’s like a generation of Barry White’s have been born from one man’s meteoric rise to the top. However the Florida based musician Drug has managed to expand the sound further by incorporating a subtle Motown twist with a contemporary alt rock edge that gives anyone who listens a seraphic experience, which is why we’re overjoyed to premiere his latest single Angel.

There’s an undeniably sensuality through the storytelling with the provocative lyrics having a flirtatious yet seductive quality that would anyone feel a bit risqué after one listen. Drug’s tantalising vocals only add to that atmosphere further with the smooth tone he has bringing the tracks lyrics about offering a divine experience to life whilst simultaneously making many question what their’s would be.

We’ve spoken a lot about the sexual fantasy this song offers but there’s also a wide versatility that Drug has within his music. Previous releases have seen him go with a more alternative rock sound mixed with a hip hop flair that rivals Post Malone’s music and even going for more 90’s inspired R&B numbers that give you a rush of nostalgia instantly. If you like this then dive into the wide spectrum his music has to offer, you won’t regret it.


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