Tom Did It & tmdistant – Demons

It’s becoming more and more clear as of late that the next generation of music talent is going to send Hip Hop and rap into a new golden era. Hundreds of young rising musicians grew up on the music and have an unfathomable amount of knowledge on the genre and are able to translate that into an unreserved sound that’s made this new era of the genre so candid and honest within their lyrics. 17 year-old emerging artists Tom Did It and tmdistant are prime examples of this with the two of them delivering characteristically raw and emotive music today in their latest release.

“The song is about mental health young men,” Tom Did It begins to explain. “Me and tm wrote it from 2 different perspectives of bad mental in our lives as we have both been through different things to affect us mentally.”

Both vocalists deliver a melodic sing-rap style in Demons that’s become synonymous with the likes of The Weeknd and Post Malone but there’s an earnest quality to their performance that makes their style just pop that little bit more to me. The atmospheric production puts the wistfully mournful lyrics in the spotlight, letting them tell to the story of their own mental health struggles and allowing us, the listener, into their world to make an instant connection. Strong stuff from two rising young musicians.

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