Outline – Blu-rays

The 90’s vaporwave aesthetic has become quite popular as of late with it dominating the fashion world and, as of late, it’s been coming into the music scene with genres like hyper-pop exploding in popularity but I haven’t seen some bring it into the scene as wonderfully as the Birmingham band Outline. The quartet take the chilled out beats of contemporary jazz hop, combine it with the hooks of the pop genre and let in stew in nostalgic melodies to create a soundscape that brings the 90’s boyband design into the modern era and damn am I loving every moment of it.

Blu-rays cements this band’s truly unique identity with laidback melodies effortlessly creeping their way into your head and lodging themselves so deep within your cranium that you’d require an excavation crew to get them out melting effortlessly together with their charming vocals. This Birmingham quartet look like they’re on their way to create something rather special.

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