Despite being named after the city of lights the latest single from Dublin based four piece ELM is not about the infamous city. The titleĀ Paris comes from a personal experience their lead singer, Dylan Walsh, went through whilst watching a documentary at a young age about the queer community in New York City and how he wanted to run there and be himself, where no one could tell him what he wasn’t allowed to do.

There’s more of a focus on the poignantly written lyrics in this song with the production being more subdued with some somber synths and earnest strings creating a melancholy yet uplifting atmosphere. Dylan Walsh’s vocal are sublime in this single but the highlight for me is the final moment of the song where he whispers, “I’m a product of my own sensation.” That lyric sent chills down my spine because it manages to be so empowering yet heartbreaking, honestly it needs to be a staple quote at any Pride event next year.

This track manages to capture the feelings of being a young queer person and wanting to run away to someplace where everyone just accepts you for who you are, but also the complications that can sometimes come with that. It shows both sides of the spectrum which makes every lyric feel like it’s been written about you and for you. It’s the most relatable, honest and beautiful LGBTQ+ song I’ve ever heard.


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