I can say, with my hand on my heart, that I’ve followed Aminata Kabba since the beginning of her career as A*M*E where I got see her perform live, release a string of impeccable singles and even get a hug after randomly bumping into her at a university freshers event (still confused how that happened). However A*M*E is only one part of this artist because today she has reintroduced herself to the world as KABBA, where she enters a new phase of her musical journey and her debut Glue is an sublime start to it.

KABBA explains that, “Glue represents a temptation to try something new and exciting. It’s a complete whirlwind and the grass might appear greener, but in the end it isn’t worth the risk.”

From the second it starts you hear the 90’s R&B influence of the single with the whole piece sounding like something a modern day Janet Jackson would release. Production and songwriting wise you really cannot go wrong when you’ve got MNEK (whom she’s worked with since she was sixteen) and Ryan Ashley, who both know how create a throbbing bass-lines and contagious pop styled melodies, collaborating with you. Her vocals ooze confidence with the smooth tone of her voice sounding lush over the intoxicating production. Add in a Bartoven’s verse or two that adds a certain flair to the single and you’ve got a stellar debut.

Honestly her music has this gravitational pull that whenever you hear it you just want to go closer and closer until you know the melodies, production and lyrics as if it were the back of your hand. Get into her music today, you won’t regret it.

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