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The 1980’s was a prime time for coming of age movies with The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off being simply phenomenal. However at the same time these movies had sensational soundtracks and Walt Disco’s latest anthemic single Past Tense feels like it belongs in one of these movies, which explains the cinematic music video for the single too that encourages us to embrace endings.

“Past Tense is a song that delves into endings,” James Potter, the lead vocalist of the band, explains. “Whether that be relationships, life, or periods of your life. It is important to take time to fully understand and let yourself feel what you need to feel in these moments.”

What separates this track from a lot of other indie rock singles is that there’s this grand sense of drama and emotion to it that makes the whole production feel monumental. James Potter’s vocals are very reminiscent of The Cure here with them both being powerful and vulnerable over the buoyant yet ominous production. The video is both beautiful with it’s cinematography and heartbreaking in its story with the whole piece being a tribute to the band’s friend Gian Molina. This whole piece tells us to embrace endings within our life and only by doing that can we move forward.


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