Keaton Dekker – GG

I’m fairly certain that if you sat down with me I could talk about Keaton Dekker none stop for the entire day as his enthralling alternative pop sound mixed with some classic funk sensibilities has had me on tenterhooks ever since I first heard his sound. His candid lyricisms, celestial vocal and his willingness to be uncompromising himself has consistently made me admire the 20 year old in ways I couldn’t imagine and today is no difference with the release of the track GG, the final single from his debut EP The Unwelcome Series.

The youthful track feels like something out of a modern day coming of age story, honestly I think the creators of the Love, Victor tv series should get in contact with Dekker. The production has an undeniable rhythm to it that makes your head bop along to the melodies effortlessly as his vocal effortlessly drifts in-between the thumping bass beats to create a harmonious sound that is just the tip of the iceberg of what Dekker has in his arsenal of talents. Dive into his discography and experience this exciting new artist for yourself.

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