MR13 – Feels Like An Intro

Well MR13 certainly know how to make heads turn with their debut being one of the most fascinating, intriguing and damn near irresistible debut’s I’ve heard in 2020 so far. The duo that are college friends, write, produce, record and mix their music themselves are the definition of DIY with their music feel raw and evocative without feeling overly polished or clean like a lot of tracks within this genre have in the past. Feels Like An Intro is more than just a debut, it’s a statement of intent.

“We wanted to release something that would indicate what we’re about without giving too much away and everything about this song is conflicting,” The duo explain about their debut. “From the sweet melody to the trap/grunge track that builds and builds and then flips into an 8D audio pool of mess. Sombre and somewhat trippy. Unofficially the song about being bipolar, having huge and immediate ups and downs, highs and lows & being judged for it.”

This track is a swirling cacophony of madness and I am loving every single moment of it with the sugary sweet electronic melodies effortlessly switching to a more haunting and grimy style that instantly shows off the wide variety of musical hat this duo is able to wear. I think these two are the definition of jack of all trades master of some, they’ve become experts in their craft and know how to shift their soundscape to create something incredibly exciting and downright addictive.

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