Shawn Mathews – Bored

As a genre hyper pop has been one of the most popular of 2020 with countless new artists diving into this rather exciting new sound with the unique electronic melodies, bombastic beats and buoyant soundscape. From Cookii to Luke Markinson we’ve seen countless artists tackle this sound in their own unique way and today we’re see that again through rising college artist Shawn Mathews who adds his own R&B flair to the hyper pop genre.

His sound in Bored fits somewhere between The 1975 and Dominic Fike with his production having an array of shimmering synths and bombastic beats that compliment the smooth yet undeniably raw vocals he delivers with style throughout the entirety of the track. He also shows a strong maturity through his evocative lyricisms that have an air of Jon Bellion about them with the poetic and earnest storytelling they have to them.

There’s some serious potential to this 20 year old Harrisburg, Pennsylvania native and with him also being a dancer we’re certain he can perform this stuff live too. Keep an eye on him as when this lockdown is over he’s on our list of acts we must see live.

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