SkyDxddy & Austin Rudin – Generation Z

SkyDxddy is one of those artists whose pain you can feel through every single word she delivers in all of her emotionally impactful tracks. She recently had a track go viral on Tik Tok titled Puppet Master that was a prime example of this with her raw emotion being put on full display as she deliver these powerful lyrics with such passion that every word felt like a stab in the chest with the amount emotion it conveyed. Her whole discography is full of songs like this that capture the pain of the human condition expertly and today is no different.

Generation Z is her most recent track and is a collaboration with fellow Gen Z’er Austin Rudin that focuses on the pressures of perfectionism within the music industry and how sometimes fighting back is the best thing you can do. Her vocals are the highlight of the track with the high levels of fiery intensity they deliver mixed with the cadence of the lyrics and distinct flow she’s created for herself. Add in Austin Rudin’s powerful verse as well and you’ve got a track that showcases a new generation of talent that look ready to set the industry alight.

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