Ricky Himself & Kailee Morgue – Hush

Ricky Himself and Kailee Morgue are slowly becoming one of my favourite collaborators around right now. Their previous collaboration SCREAM was released earlier in 2020 and, to this day, is still one of my most played tracks in my Spotify right now with their vocals consistently blending effortlessly into one another in a glorious fashion. Now imagine my excitement when I saw the duo had collaborated again to day in Hush, I’m fairly certain my neighbours heard my scream of jubilance.

As expected the pairs vocals are lush and effortlessly cut through the R&B infused production of compelling synth melodies and hard-hitting hip hop influenced beats as they masterfully deliver addictive pop hooks. SCREAM was a top quality track that showcased both of them perfectly and this one is very much the same with each artist adding their own special something to this soundscape that has me ready to dive straight back into their discography.

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