Aaron Taos – Loneliness Pt.II

Back in 2019 Aaron Taos released his emotional single Loneliness, a track he wrote when he was going through a rough spot in his life where his career was stagnated and as a result her found himself not leaving the house as much. However he did have one light in amidst the darkness he was residing in who was his girlfriend at the time, she made the nights seem lighter and showed him that, “connection and love is the foundation of feeling good and whole.”

Today he’s re-released the track with the rising artist Spill Tab featuring on the track and this is just a match made in heaven. The darkly toned vocals of Taos perfectly contrast the more ethereal and hopeful tones of Spill Tab that allows their voices to melt into one another in euphonic style that portrays both sides of this situation masterfully. To put it quite simple this is a gorgeous re-work of a compelling track that adds a whole new layer to the meaning of the track and is utterly divine.

Both these artists are incredible in their own right but put them together and you’ve got something special, be sure to check out this track and both of their discographies after.

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