Canadian singer songwriter Taylor Janzen released her debut EP Interpersonal in August where she introduced us to her melodic brand of folk music. The minimalistic production transported us into her world and her tender folksy vocal was our guide leading us through her lyrical narrative.

With New Mercies however we see Janzen go for a more folk rock approach with strong drum beats and a raw electric guitar riff leading the tracks production. Her lyrical narrative diving into her issues has never been stronger though with the track dealing with her deep disconnection between her and the faith that she grew up with. A delicate topic but the mature lyrics handles the topic with the care needed and allow Janzen to voice the frustration she feels.

Taylor Janzen takes the darkest problems she faces and turns them into art for our listening pleasure. She shares her personal experiences and helps others by doing so.

“I wrote New Mercies as a way to entertain my cynicism a little bit. I was feeling really spiritually lost (honestly when am I not?) and that’s what the song is about … a deep disconnect between my spiritual self and the faith I grew up with, and trying to find something to bring them together somehow. This is also my first song being released with a full band, and recorded in a real studio as opposed to a bedroom. Having a band really helped capture the frantic and frustrated energy of the lyrics and overall vibe of the song.” – Taylor Janzen

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