Soon Reece will be releasing his new EP I’m Not Sure Yet but he knew we’d be desperate to hear more before that so he’s released a new single to keep us hooked until the new EP drops officially. His previous single 3AM already had us becoming fans of his so he couldn’t really go wrong with his new track.

Life is an alluring track that is reminiscent of Frank Ocean with the ominous production style, passionate emotive vocals and poetic lyrics questioning what your purpose in life is and whether you’ll ever know it. The raw falsetto of Reece during the chorus sends shivers down my spine and when the backing track cuts out so you only hear his vocal, it’s like listening to liquid gold. The stirring guitar riff cuts through the electronics to build a sultry yet somehow tender atmosphere that adds to the poignant storytelling Reece is able to do.

The lyrics are a highlight for me. They capture the darkness of personal turmoil whilst also bringing a lighter sense to it and how from your own inner strength you can build yourself up and find your purpose in life. It’s a difficult subject to approach but Reece has done it masterfully and has demonstrated why he is one worth listening to.

“Life is about the struggles many of us face at times with depression, and questioning our purpose in life. It’s about the journey of finding that inner strength that resides in all of us, and using that strength to move forward and carry on.” – Reece

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