Tis the season to celebrate good Christmas music and where better to start than with Heather Russell and her festive ballad No Christmas Blues. The 18 year old was previously signed to Simon Cowell’s record label before deciding it just wasn’t the right space for her and swiftly left the label to pursue her own music ventures and discover her own voice. We think she definitely.

No Christmas Blues feels like a modern Mariah Carey Christmas anthem with the stellar amount of vocal runs Russell is able to perform, with absolute ease might I add, throughout the track. Her vocal tone is crystal clear with it being able to cut through the festive flavoured production and blend the genres of pop and soul together effortlessly. It’s the type of track you can  play whilst decorating your house for holidays or getting cozy by the fire in your Christmas jumper.

An Christmas song that is destined to be added to your festive playlist.

“Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year. Like ever! And music is my favourite thing in general. Like ever! So why not take my two of my favourite things and create something special? I got into the studio, and my two producers wrote this Christmas song with me. The cool thing about No Christmas Blues is that I wanted the song to have a deeper meaning that goes beyond the meaning of Christmas itself. I wanted to share the potential feelings that others may have around Christmas, which is why each verse is meant to emulate different perspectives.” – Heather Russell

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