PEARL – Serenity


Now this is what I am talking about! The rap duo PEARL have already impressed me with both of their previous releases with Órale having an undeniable latin flavour that was truly addictive and their last track Montana showing a more intimate side to the band. Today however this duo have held nothing back and have unleashed an explosive single with a production filled with ridiculous amounts go animosity and a flow that is utterly enthralling.

Everything about Serenity is outstanding, this in my eyes in this duo’s best track to date in everyday imaginable with their ferocious delivery of their passionate lyrics and the bombastic nature of the production making this something you can’t ignore. You hear one note of this track and you know that you’re in for something special, it’s like when you listen to a new Kanye West track for the first time, you can’t get enough of it and there’s just an air of greatness surrounding it.

Keep a close eye on PEARL as the more they release the more I sit there and just know they’re going to do great things.

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