Thanks to Six Impala for this past week I’ve been singing the hook of her track SWEETSWEETSWEETLIKEBUBBLEGUM non stop. Genuinely if you’re looking for something to get in your head so much that you end up singing it everywhere you go for the next week, probably month, then this track is something else, especially when you combine the addictive production that goes a long with it all.

The sound is hard to describe but I’d say it’s one half addictive electronically infused hyper pop that is reminiscent of some of the early Japanese music in the 2000’s and one half heavy metal that could easily be featured on a Poppy record. It’s a weird combination but damn does it work incredibly well going from this sickly sweet opening before diving into explosive heavy guitar solos that takes you by surprise in the best way imaginable. It’s so weird and wonderful that it’s hard not to love it.

Must Read

New West – Those Eyes

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Stevie Howie – nameless

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grentperez – Cherry Wine

Kingfishr – eyes don’t lie