Chinwe – Intoxicated

The daughter of a Nigerian father and a Jamaican Mother, the self-taught musician Chinwe draws influence from artists ranging from the soul of Nina Simone and Erykah Badu to the psychedelia of Portishead and Tame Impala and it becomes increasingly obvious the more you listen to her music. She manages to take the timeless feel of these artists and dynamically fuse it into her music to craft a sound that is ladened with nostalgia but also feels so incredibly fresh and modern at the same time.

Her latest release Intoxicated is this gorgeously textured track with these classic soul tones mixed with smokey jazz undertones that transport you to an underground club in the 1920’s almost instantly. Her vocal is timeless, there’s no real discussion there, her tone is simply out of this world and as she delicately sings across the intimate production in this gorgeously crafted arrangement. This is something you’ll want to play late at night with a class of wine in hand with a close a friend and just feel on top of the world.

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