Ethan Jewell – something to live for

Spoken word has become a musical genre that has dissipated over the years, with the majority of people only knowing the genre because of a bad William Shatner album that everyone continually jokes about. However it’s artists like Ethan Jewell who brings new life into this genre, pouring his heart out through his introspective poetry that oozes passion, Jewell artfully crafts a vivid image that could’ve come from a bestselling novel with each word getting you heavily invested until the deeply pensive end. His production remains minimalistic, only being used to elevate little phrases so they make even more of an impact on the listener as he slowly lets his guard down, letting us see what thoughts run ragged through his head. His poignant musings have already had an impact on his community, but this is his most vulnerable track to date, as he calmly expresses things we often keep hidden behind closed doors. He helps us find solace during these dark times and, as a result, makes us feel that these thoughts aren’t going to last forever and that we’ve all got something to live for.

Ethan Jewell has built a self loving community who’ve become enamoured by his poetic prowess and serene voice that delicately weaves a heartfelt narrative over his lo-fi soundscape. In a world where everyone’s aiming to create the next pop banger that will climb the charts, he’s aiming to leave an emotional impact within a community that he’s built from the ground up.

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