kelz – My Friend

Coming in at just over 5 minutes in length, kelz’s latest release My Friend is a bliss induced dream that sees your troubles melt away like passing smoke on a late nights walk. Elegant with its simplicity, this single doesn’t need any bells and whistles to take your breath away. All that’s required to hold your attention with a vice like grip is her ethereal vocal angelically crooning an array of bittersweet lyrics that will have you wistfully looking back at fond memories you once partook in. The nostalgia the Vietnamese-American producer injects into her lo-fi soundscape is utterly magical, yet at the same time there’s something so refreshing about her sonic identity that she fits somewhere inbetween the future and the past. Utterly captivating whilst maintaining a firm emotional grip on me, My Friend is sensational and makes you feel like you’re running towards a greater goal in life.

Escape with kelz on a late night drive into the unknown with her unique take on the electro pop genre. Be sure to check out her album 5AM and I Can’t Sleep coming out May 6th.

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