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Thames embrace their boyband image in their euphorically bittersweet single “Love Right Now”


One thing I love about certain artists is when they embrace who they are and Saint Louis based band Thames really do love the fact that they’re a boyband, 5 Seconds of Summer take note of this. However, unlike most boybands these guys don’t dance on stage in matching outfits and their sound isn’t traditional pop, they actually take fusion of 80’s pop and indie rock to create a unique sound that makes them different from other boybands out there.

Just listen to their latest single Love Right Now as proof of all of this as it’s got a classic 80’s pop melody that easily gets stuck in your head and an energy that gives you this great sense of euphoria. Although the track is upbeat the lyrics are actually quite bittersweet, focusing more on a failed relationship that have a relatable quality to them. Add in an uplifting vocal that soars over the energetic production and you’ve got a song that is destined to be a stadium anthem.


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