When you’re an artist and the team behind Ed Sheeran decide to sign you then you know you’re doing something incredibly right and that’s certainly the case with UK based artist DYLAN. Her brand of synth ladened pop was announced in her debut Bad Bitches Beat Heartbreak and now the future teen icon continues her future pop dominance in Sour Milk.

“Sour Milk is about the push and pull of a relationship; not wanting someone when they’re around but craving them when they’re distant,” DYLAN explains. “I tend to find stupid reasons to call it quits with someone, and then immediately regret it when they leave; it’s a constant rollercoaster of feelings and not knowing what you want.”

The production of the track is lush, the atmospheric synths mixed with the alluring melodies creates a compelling feeling that just draws you into the song, along with DYLAN’s superbly toned vocals that glide over that production effortless. Then you’ve got the honest lyrics that people will easily find relatable on the tensions within a relationship and a beautifully shot music video that completes the piece. This pretty much cements DYLAN as a pop star for the next generation.

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