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Skott’s music video for “Bloodhound” tells the story of a fictional town where the dog population grows as people disappear


Swedish singer songwriter Skott is a modern day pop star in every sense of the phrase. She’s been consistently producing expressive pieces of ethereal pop that are simply captivating and often feel like they belong in a fantasy movie or video game like Zelda. She’s continued this insane run of form with her latest single Bloodhound.

She continues to enthral with her hypnotic melodies and celestial vocal that delicately dances across the brooding production that creates an ominous yet mystical atmosphere. Then we’ve got the music video that contains a rather unusual story about the fictional town of Bloodhound where people begin to disappear and as they do the dog population rises… is it bad that I want to go there? Honestly the peculiar tale mixed with her quirky musical style are a match made in heaven that just takes this track to a whole new level.


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